How it works

In under 70 seconds you have everything ready to build your new WordPress plugin/theme.
Even with the famous ACF plugin installed ;)


To use wordup-cli, you only need to perform 3 quick steps:

1. Install wordup CLI globally with npm/yarn

$ npm install -g wordup-cli

2. Create your first project

Create a new project in a directory of your choice:

$ wordup init

3. Start developing

Go to your newly created project folder and start developing :)

You can find the whole wordup documentation on

Use cases

_ Set up a new docker based development environment for your WordPress plugins/themes within minutes.

_ Automatically install all necessary plugins and themes for WordPress. Even from local or remote zip-files.

_ Share your local development stack with your team members or the world, just type: git clone, then wordup install.

_ Connect to an existing WordPress page and use it as a new test environment.

_ Export your plugin or theme to a zip-file. Or even export your whole project.

_ Install your locally developed stack on a remote server.

Wordup for Visual Studio Code

Wordup is also available as an extension for Visual Studio Code, so that you have all your WordPress developer tools ready to hand in your favorite editor.

Visit extension page


The wordup-cli & wordup-connect are open-source projects. Development is happening in the open on GitHub. Fell free to join us.

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